Hello World

From here, I will write something about my life, my thought and so on.

Why I want record my life through english, not use my mother language (chinese)?

I want think different, from another perspective and culture.

I want improve my english skill through write blog, maybe I write article ridiculously naive, but I will go ahead step by step.


“The unexamined life is not worth living”, but examined life is hard to live.

Cafe Society

Yesterday I had seen a film “Cafe Society”, directed by Woody Allen. The above sentence is one of actor’s lines.

Yes, I need slow my life, examine my life, think my life.

Technology Works

My major work is around maintain Linux server, using many open source software. Now I’m working in AliYun (a cloud service from Alibaba group), so I accumulate knowledge bit by bit, to construct architecture of cloud compute.

If you interesting open source software technology and you can read chinese, please visit:

  • Cloud Atlas, a book compile by me about Linux/Cloud Compute
  • Cloud Atlas @ gitbook, mirror my book at gitbook site

    If you want read my technology blog write by english, please visit:

  • my github page Nebula, essence of my chinese blog.

I’m so sorry for my poor english, if you find mistake in my blog, please help me to correct it. Thanks.