Hello 2017

Time flies!

Just like yesterday, one year has passed. The year 2016 maybe is the most busy year in my career. Although I still work in Alibaba Group, China’s largest e-commerce company, but I have change job from Application Maintain Engineer to Cloud Compute System Engineer in Aliyun, the Cloud Computing Company of Alibaba.

In the past year 2016, I do many technology work around Virtual Technology, such as KVM and XEN Virtual System, tunning performance. And as the past five years in Alibaba, I was support China’s biggest online shopping day (China’s Singles’ Day) again as a Cloud Compute System Engineer.

I'm in 1111

As you known, the Internet industry, espically in china, means change quickly. Not only change in bussiness model, but also in technolgy architecture. And also means nobody known clearly what is the furture, so everybody has enormous pressure.

Alibaba is a large e-commerce company, so to a tiny personal, he may only do insignificant works everyday as he is on the assembly line.

But, as one of my friends has said: “When you leave a large compay, you will lost halo and resource which make things easy. Then you will known who are you.”

Yes, I can not stop learning and working hard. I have been in Alibaba five years, what is I got and what is I lost?

Today is the first day of new year, I was run 10 Km as my first day memento.

And I will do three things in 2017:

  • run one thround KM
  • write a online book about my Cloud Coumpute Technology
  • to be a C/Java Programmer