less is more

Recently I straighten out my old relics.

I am surprise about I had have so many electronic products, some products I have forgot for long time and ever not used.

I’m an information technology engineer, so new electronic products with novel sensation will always attract my attention. But I forgot what is my need: the information and function is my need. For example, I foud I have bought many earphone, some is only used very short period, some has same function such as blue tooth. I forgot the earphone is used to enjoy music or used with phone talk.

Maybe you have heared about 「断舍离」, a japanese woman 山下英子 introduce this concept as “follow your heart, give up something you do not real need”.

That’s good, but I will say: Don’t lost in what you need.

I means maybe you have got it, but when time flies, you forgot what is you need.

Why we need so beautiful iPhone, so complex application, so much function electronic products? I only need listen classic music, read my novel, or just talk with my friend by phone which just do speech.

I found the electronic products about five years ago have already satisfy my desire. I can use my old sony blue tooth earphone to hear music, its timbre may as same as the newest earphone with close price. I can use my old iPod to read news and hear muisc, ever it has no mobile data function, but the major objective is hear music or got information, not is buautiful appearance of electronic product. And so on my old nokia mobile phone to talk with my friends.

I have bought too many electronic products beyond my need, so I will stop this crazy action for a long time. Before I buy something, I will ask myself: “What is my realy need?”